Motedis Do it yourself:

A wide range of products, is a great thing.

Application support also.

A friendly and accesible telephone service is wonderful.

This is expensive of course!

We make variable modular systems

For creators, not for consumers.

We believe that a technician does not need advice on our products.

We know that the range of products and usage is so broad, that we cannot provide professional application advice, even if we wanted to.

What exactly is an internal service doing on that premise, except of being nice ...

Do you want to pay for that?

We are a digital factory outlet for technicians.

We leave out some functions.

We do not make less of them ... We do not make them at all.

Instead, we have focused on the following steps:

-Produce small orders at the same relative cost as large ones.


-Full automation of customer interfaces.

If our customer does his technical planning in our online system, his work is automatically redirected into our workshop...

If the software combines many small orders into a big order in the workshop ...

And the communication with the customer runs automatically ...

Then there is no reason to sell small quantities per unit more expensive than large ones.

Then any technician using our system, buys at the same unit price as a customer at 10,000 € per order.

That's our goal

That is our contribution to the "Maker / Do it yourself" movement.

That makes our prices possible.

A real "Digital Factory Outlet" for everyone.

"Trying to create less waste."

We feel free to refuse non-automatable communication.

We feel free to combine small orders to big packages by adding to delivery time.

We feel free to limit our product range.

We know that communication with us is kind of strange.

But we will get 100 jobs of €100 done of similar cost as one job of €10,000.

And we are close ...

In parallel, we fight to get 100 small packages done and send with minimum extra cost relative to a large shipment.

And then we build a platform for application support at no extra charge for "half" technicians and take care of colleagues outside the EU also.